20 November 2012
Europe/Zurich timezone

How to deliver liquid or solid samples to the FEL X-ray beam with optimal hit rate and best possible sample economy?

The goal of the workshop is to discuss how to deliver sample material to the X-ray beam, in order to develop and/or finalize the design of the SwissFEL experimental stations. The workshop will be divided in two parts: The first part will address injection of liquid sample into the X-ray beam using a jet, as well as the transport to the beam position of solid, submicrometer sized particles by means of a gaseous or liquid medium. Of particular interest are nanocrystals of biomolecules, whereby the key consideration is „Sample economy“. It is an open question if this can be achieved by synchronizing the beam to the sample, or vice-versa. In the second part, the focus is on samples mounted on a solid support. Of special interest are 2D-crystals or 3D-nanocrystals of biomolecules, but other organic and inorganic material could be considered. The issues can be stated as „How to find and hit the sample with minimal damage of the support, and then rapidly move to the next nearby position“.

Dates: 20 November 2012 (08:15-17:00)
Timezone: Europe/Zurich
Location: PSI
Paul Scherrer Institut
SLS Building
5232 Villigen PSI
Room: WSLA/008