8-12 January 2018
ETH Zürich, centre
Europe/Zurich timezone
The 14th International Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Ice (PCI- 2018) will take place in Zürich (Switzerland) during the 2nd week in January 2018. This international symposium series dates back 55 years and is devoted to research on all aspects of ice. The broad field of topics is linked by the focus on fundamentals.
  • Ice and Life (near and far, far away)
  • Surfaces, Interfaces and Nucleation
  • Ice Phases, Amorphous Ice and Glass Transitions
  • Crystal Growth
  • Microstructure and Mechanics
  • Cryospheric Processes (from glaciological friction, deformation and damage mechanics, snow dynamics and photochemistry to sea ice thermodynamics)
Scientific Disciplines Adressed
  • glaciology
  • snow physics
  • atmospheric science
  • biology
  • astrophysics
  • condensed matter physics
  • surface science
  • geophysics
  • space science
  • material science
  • food technology
  • multi-phase chemistry
  • geo-materials
  • ice engineering
This variety of topics reflects the ongoing interest in ice: Apart from its environmental relevance and importance in everyday live, ice is an excellent model system for phase transitions, interface processes, and deformation mechanisms that are studied in materials in general, but with distinct advantages of availability, accessibility, non-toxicity, and transparency. The presentation of the many different technical and scientific approaches to unravel the fundamentals of ice used, for which a single group cannot be equipped, is a key advantage of a conference like this. To foster scientific exchange, the conference will be organised without parallel session and with ample time for in-depth discussion.

Dates: from 8 January 2018 08:00 to 12 January 2018 15:00
Timezone: Europe/Zurich
Location: ETH Zürich, centre
Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich
Room: NO Building, Room C 60
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