10-11 September 2018
Paul Scherrer Institut
Europe/Zurich timezone

Mon 10 - Tue 11 September 2018 
Auditorium WHGA/001 
Villigen, Switzerland 



Photoelectron Spectroscopy at the SLS 2.0 -
Joint Users Meeting of the SX-ARPES (ADRESS), PEARL and SIS Beamlines



This two-day workshop brings together scientists interested in synchrotron-based photoelectron spectroscopy methods. In particular, current and prospective users of the SIS, ADRESS (SX-ARPES branch) and PEARL beamlines of the Swiss Light Source (SLS) are invited to participate. The workshop focuses on future developments of the three beamlines with regard to the planned upgrade of the SLS storage ring to a diffraction-limited light source in 2024. Together, the three beamlines provide cutting-edge photoelectron spectroscopy instrumentation in the photon energy range from 7 to 2000 eV and support research in many areas at the forefront of condensed matter physics.


Auditorium WHGA/001, Paul Scherrer Institut, 5232 Villigen, Switzerland (no visitor badge required)


Day 1 (10 Sept, 9-18 h) - invited talks, user reports, poster session
Day 2 (11 Sept, 9-15 h) - instrumentation, panel discussion, site visit


Contributions are welcome on any of the following topics:

  • Methods
    • synchrotron based UV and soft-X ARPES (high-resolution, angle-resolved, spin-resolved, resonant)
    • Photoelectron diffraction (angle-scanned, energy-scanned, orbital tomography)
    • Complementary spectroscopy techniques
    • In-situ scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy
    • In-situ surface preparation and characterization
  • Scientific
    • Correlated electrons
    • Superconductivity
    • Heavy fermions
    • Topological phases
    • 2D materials
    • nanopatterned surfaces, graphene nanoribbons
    • molecules on surfaces, molecular networks, magnetic molecules
    • surfaces of complex materials, multiferroics, nanopatterned surfaces
    • surface chemistry, catalysis, on-surface synthesis
  • Technical aspects
    • Photon energy range
    • Energy resolution
    • Spot size, nano-focus
    • Sample environment (temperature, electric and magnetic fields)

Confirmed invited speakers

  • Donglai Feng, Shanghai
  • Jan Minar, Munich
  • J. Enrique Ortega, San Sebastian

Meeting registration

Please use the link in the left column to register for the workshop. Registration Deadline 31 August 2018.

Access to the PSI west and east premises 

Since the beginning of 2018 visitors require a badge to enter the gated PSI west premises, too. If you would like to visit PSI co-workers inside the access restriceted area, please ask them to arrange your visitor badge.


Matthias Muntwiler, Thomas Jung (PEARL)
Nick Plumb, Milan Radovic, Ming Shi (SIS)
Vladimir Strocov (ADRESS)