Superconductivity in the locally non-centrosymmetric heavy fermion CeRh2As2

by Dr Aline Ramires




CeRh2As2, a non-symmorphic heavy fermion material, was recently reported to host a remarkable phase diagram with two superconducting phases. In this material, the two inequivalent Ce sites per unit cell, related by inversion symmetry, introduce a sublattice structure corresponding to an extra internal degree of freedom. Here we propose a classification of the possible superconducting states in CeRh2As2 from the two Ce-sites perspective. Based on the superconducting fitness analysis, we discuss two limits: a two-dimensional, Rashba spin-orbit coupling dominated normal state; and a three-dimensional, inter-layer hopping dominated normal state. In both limits, we are able find two scenarios that generate phase diagrams in qualitative agreement with experiments.

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