Heidelberg weekly meeting

03.410 (Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg)


Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg


We will have the meeting via Zoom: https://cern.zoom.us/j/92591061032?pwd=MkZzY2g1cG1YZGFwK244c210dk44dz09

Note: this is a temporary room until we get the institute account.

We will keep HeiCONF as a backup: https://heiconf.uni-heidelberg.de/sch-nqu-dd2   Access Code: 858824

Vidyo will be used as a back-up. Room extension 10823320 or use this link.


Tentative minute taker list at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15oo_a_1WPxPBOtlH0LDEKG1128y1O2lfswpUAvPCQOY/edit#gid=0

    • 3:00 PM 3:20 PM
      Convener: Luigi Vigani (University of Heidelberg)

      Present: AS, LV, SL, BW, DG, DI, DK, JS, JH, SD, TR, HA
      Minute Taker: HA


      Presentation SL:
      * Many problems solved: TCAD fixed, Sr90 simulation successfull, new pulse form description
      * AS: use different rising edge description?
      * LV: can you determine how much diffusion does contribute?
        SL: yes.



      BW: busy with board for telescope upgrade. DG checks FPGA pin map
      DG: top level design telecope upgrade to verify pinning
      DI: testbeam preparation, mscb integration into telescope, live sampling of power and temperature
      DK: 7 good chips different thicknesses, cooling setup is going to be finished (hardware ready for testbeam)
      HA: no feedback from OPTIM concerning CMP
      DI: conductive glue successfully used to backside contact (AP1, Jens)
      HA: no difference in HV behaviour observed for MuPix8 (ATLASPix1 too?)
      AS: check with MP10!
      LV: get expertise from guys who did it for Jens
      JS: starting to write
      JH: one working AP3 and AP3.1 each, setup issue made debugging harder, works now, software work: fixed bugs in single setup and threshold scan, AP3.1 insert in the design repository
      SD: nothing to add
      SL: nothing beside the presentation
      TR: working with the cooling mock-up, preparing measurements with test helium plant; data analysis integration run: merger does not work, work with unsorted data, correlations seem to become visible for multiple chip and fpga combinations, provide data access to the UK, results soon
      DI: @TR: can you join testbeam
      AS: list of testbeam measurements?
      LV: confirm measurements form before with new chips, threshold scan for different temperatures(?)
      DI: HV scan instead of temperature scans!
      AS: higher priority for HV
      AS: what was the observation for AP3 @SPS?
      DI: chip does not work at low temperatures (-15°C), but wiht activated bandgap it works
      DI: use gas only to create constant temperature environment
      DI: can we use the Mu3e Hamegs at PSI?
      TR: still in Mu3e area, need to be taken out, will check lab for more
      LV: working on tuning, running right now, hopefully ready for testbeam; Meeting with Frank and SciFi: micro twisted pair cables, integration run with micro twisted pair cables next year, new board required (asked Gottschalk)
      AS: step by step first one chip with twisted pair cables and go from there ...
      LV: final test during next integration run
      AS: do as much without testbeam as possible, Front-end board needs to run properly independent of that

      AS: everybody should join the retreat! fill the doodle

    • 3:20 PM 4:05 PM
      Round Table 45m

      Reports of work progress

      Speakers: Adrian Herkert (Physikalisches Institut, Uni Heidelberg) , Adrian Stoll, Alena Weber (Universität Heidelberg) , Andre Schoening (University Heidelberg, Institute of Physics) , Annie Meneses Gonzalez (PhD Student) , Benjamin Weinläder (PI Heidelberg) , David Maximilian Immig (Universität Heidelberg) , Dohun Kim (Physikalisches Institut University of Heidelberg) , Florian Frauen, Frank Meier Aeschbacher (PSI - Paul Scherrer Institut) , Heiko Augustin (PI Uni Heidelberg) , Jakob Stricker, Lars Noehte (PI Heidelberg) , Luigi Vigani (University of Heidelberg) , Lukas Mandok (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg) , Marius Menzel (Institute of Physics, University of Heidelberg) , Sebastian Dittmeier (Physikalisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg) , Sebastian Preuß (PI Uni Heidelberg) , Stephan Lachnit, Thomas Theodor Rudzki (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg)
    • 4:05 PM 4:50 PM