Career Event: Mettler-Toledo@PSI: A chemist in the world of precision instruments


What can a chemist with a PhD expect in product management at a growing company near Zurich?

Johannes Zarfl did his studies in Chemistry before he joined PSI for doing a PhD. His research let him dive into the world of catalysts and the usage of IR-spectroscopy. Today, Johannes is a PSI alumn and a product manager for software solutions at Mettler-Toledo. Which means, he is responsible for enhancing software business for a global manufacturer of precision instruments, which are used in laboratories as well as industrial and food retailing applications.

How does it happen that Mettler-Toledo, which was founded in Küsnacht at lake Zurich in 1945, has become the largest supplier of balances? One of the reasons might be that in laboratories very accurate measurements are daily fare. Another reason might be that precision instruments are connected to software and drive forward the digitalization of the lab.

So, what opportunities offers this multinational company, which is based in Greifensee (among other sites worldwide)? What is fascinating in the world of precisions instruments? What exactly is the daily routine of a product manager for software solutions?

Join this career event with Johannes Zarfl and Fabio Ambrosone (HR) and dive into the world of precision instruments and the opportunities offered to PSI researcher.

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