Sep 19 – 22, 2022
Paul Scherer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone

Into the future: ILL Endurance program

Sep 22, 2022, 2:10 PM
WHGA/Auditorium and online (Paul Scherer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland)

WHGA/Auditorium and online

Paul Scherer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland

Paul Scherrer Institute Forschungsstrasse 111 CH-5232-Villigen-PSI
Oral NOBUGS 2022


Dominik Arominski (Institut Laue-Langevin)


Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) is looking forward into the future of reactor-based neutron scattering facility with an ongoing upgrade and maintenance programme Endurance phase 2, that spun years 2020-2023. This programme is intended to ensure continued output of quality science on 40 number of instruments and remain a competitive offer for users of neutron scattering. A part of this effort is Better Analysis Software Tools for ILL Experiments (BASTILLE) project, currently in its second phase, aiming to bring full Mantid support for 17 instruments at the ILL, with techniques from Small Angle Scattering, time-of-flight spectroscopy to reflectometry and liquid diffraction, with polarised and un-polarised neutrons. This presentation lays out the goals of the project, its place within the ILL programme, and discusses the current status and the future software developments at the ILL.

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Dominik Arominski (Institut Laue-Langevin) Gagik Vardanyan (Institut Laue-Langevin) Guillaume Communie (Institut Laue-Langevin) Mathieu Tillet (Institut Laue-Langevin) Dr Miguel Gonzalez (Institut Laue-Langevin) Paolo Mutti (Institut Laue-Langevin) Dr Stephane Rols (Institut Laue-Langevin)


Dr Eric Pellegrini (Institut Laue-Langevin) Dr Remi Perenon (Institut Laue-Langevin)

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