GFA Accelerator Seminars

Measuring optics with excited beams in synchrotrons

by Lukas Malina (DESY)

WHGA/001 (Auditorium)




Beam optics control is of critical importance for machine performance and protection. Nowadays, turn-by-turn data from beam position monitors are increasingly utilised as they allow for fast and simultaneous measurement of various optics quantities. During the measurement, the beam is excited, typically by kickers or AC-dipoles.

This talk will discuss the optics measurements in synchrotrons, focusing on efficient methods based on 3D beam excitation developed and used in the LHC at CERN. These methods will be essential for its upgrade, High Luminosity LHC, which will require the commissioning of many optical configurations. The methods are also being implemented in PETRA III at DESY.

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