GFA Accelerator Seminars

Modelling of superconducting magnets using opensource software: Superbend SL2 case study

by Prof. Frederic Trillaud (IIUNAM)




There is an increasing interest in moving towards opensource multiphysics finite element (FE) solver to address the design of superconducting magnets and related technologies. It is undoubtly the cheapest approach, but it is not mainstream. In particular, some specific knowledge is required to develop the numerical tools. In the following presentation, the use of the multiphysics opensource FE solver elmerfem is introduced from the perspective of the end-user. Its practibility is demonstrated in the context of the quench model of the superbend SL2 magnet whose desogn and analyses have been carried out at PSI. Compared to other opensource FEM solver, elmerfem allows an easy coupling between FEM and external electrical circuits which can simplified some modeling aspects when magnetic core are involved.

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