OHSA Safety Instructions [opt.1]

B17 (OHSA)



Didier Gavillet

[mandatory participation] 


During the month of September, the NES Division Leadership (Prof. Pautz, Dr. Gavillet) will hold half-hour sessions on Safety Instructions within the OHSA building. These sessions will be held physically in OHSA (E13 or B17). 

These Safety Instructions are personalized, meaning they require in-person registration and participation will be verified for each person. 

The participation is mandatory, therefore we kindly ask you register for your preferred date. 

Maximum number of participants for each session: 20-25.


Thanks and best regards, 

NES management



 OHSA max max
THU, 01. Sept.B 17 10:00-10:302011:00-11:3020
TUE, 06. Sept.E 1310:00-10:302511:00-11:3025
THU, 08. Sept.E 1314:00-14:302515:00-15:3025
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