From Living Well Within (Planetary) Limits to Exploring Post-Growth Economies

by Prof. Julia Steinberger (UNIL)

WHGA/001/Auditorium (PSI)




Julia Steinberger is a professor in ecological economics at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the academic co-director of CLIMACT, the new joint EPFL-UNIL research center on climate change. Her research looks specifically at the environmental consequences of social and economic activity. Come to her seminar, titled: “From Living Well Within (Planetary) Limits to Exploring Post-Growth Economies”. The talk will be followed by an Apero and a fast version of the ClimateFresk, offered by the Green Team of the PPA.


Summary of the talk:

"In this talk, I will summarize some of the headline findings from my recent “Living Well Within Limits” project, and present new directions from the recently awarded ERC Synergy “REAL – A Post-Growth Deal” project. The results cover empirical explorations of international and intra-national energy footprint inequality, links between energy use and human need realization, as well as “decent living energy” modelling and political economy explorations of energy service provision. Many of these findings were reflected at a high level by the IPCC’s Working Group 3 on mitigation, in the 6th Assessment Report. I will also briefly present the next iteration of this research in the direction of post-growth economies."


Organized by

PhD and Postdoc Association
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Andrea Cavaliere