November 22, 2023
PSI Villigen
Europe/Zurich timezone

BYO Beamline Experiment with Frappy

Not scheduled
1h 45m
Auditorium (WHGA) (PSI Villigen)

Auditorium (WHGA)

PSI Villigen


Dr Markus Zolliker (PSI)


Frappy is a python framework to implement a device communication and abstraction layer for complex sample environment equipment such as cyostats, cryomagnets, furnaces, humidity chambers and for the integration of measurement devices. It is designed to build up complex setups for beamline experiments as well as for lab based measurements. It enables users of large scale facilities to integrate their own setups into the facility data acquisition work flow utilizing the sample environment communication standard SECoP.
SECoP is already in use at SINQ/PSI and FRMII/MLZ and will become available at many other user facilities world wide.

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