GFA Accelerator Seminars

ARES: a state-of-the-art Accelerator Research & Development Linac facility

by Willi Kuropka (DESY)

WBGB/019 (Paul Scherrer Institut)


Paul Scherrer Institut


ARES is a state-of-the-art normal conducting S-band electron linac for femtosecond, low-emittance beams at DESY Hamburg. It is a dedicated accelerator research and development facility and hosts a number of topics. One of the main goals is the generation and characterization of single-digit femtosecond electron bunches. This characterization requires precise diagnostic devices to measure micrometer sized transverse beam profiles. The PolariX transverse deflecting structure will be employed to achieve the sub-femtosecond longitudinal resolution necessary. An overview of the linac, its components and our approach to these challenges will be presented.
In addition, the planned experimental campaigns for dielectric microstructures will be discussed. First the campaign in the framework of ACHIP: This is a near-infrared laser driven fused silica microstructure for beam manipulation and acceleration, which also has potential as a multi-shot bunch length diagnostic device. We also plan to improve on previous results for dielectric microstructure based beam position monitors and want to extend the range of Smith-Purcell based bunch form factor measurements to micrometer wavelengths, thus improving the resolution.



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