GFA Accelerator Seminars

SOLEIL II Vacuum System status & overview

by Dr Vincent Leroux (SOLEIL)

WBGB/019 (Paul Scherrer Institut)


Paul Scherrer Institut


Following the major phase of evolution of the MAX IV and SIRIUS Synchrotrons which demonstrated that non-evaporable getter (NEG) coating can be extensively used such that the required vacuum level can be achieved in a conductance limited system, the SOLEIL Upgrade project (SOLEIL II) pushes the vacuum system conception to a new limit: the high gradient quadrupoles of the 7BA-4BA achromat (over 110T/m) and the large strength of the sextupoles (8000T/m2) necessitate the minimum size of the vacuum chamber inner diameter to be as low as 12 mm. With such a conductance reduction, the level and quality of the vacuum will depend mostly on the NEG coating pumping performances and only partially on discrete standard pumping. We will present an overview of the SOLEIL II Vacuum System, its current status and discuss the NEG coating performances issues for such a project.

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