GFA Accelerator Seminars

R&D Activities in the Magnet Group at Renaissance Fusion

by Dr Francesco Volpe (Renaissance Fusion)


Renaissance Fusion (RF) is the first fusion start-up in Europe which aims at producing electricity by magnetic confinement in a “stellarator” configuration. RF is developing a unique design based on high field, multi-layer High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) produced as wide tapes cut by laser to provide the correct magnetic field configuration, and flowing, plasma-facing liquid metal walls. High fields will allow to reduce the machine size, whereas liquid metal will work as neutron moderator, tritium breeder, and coolant.

In this talk, the roadmap and recent achievements for the development of the prototype HTS tapes and superconducting magnets will be presented. The tapes will be used to produce prototypes of magnets for the stellarator and other kinds, such as short period undulators for synchrotrons: with the final objective to reach mass production of HTS tapes and magnets to be used in various applications, not only for fusion but also from accelerators to medical devices.

For details, contact Stéphane Sanfilippo