CMT/LTC Seminars

Yielding and fatigue failure in amorphous solids: Insights from models and computer simulations

by Prof. Srikanth Sastry (Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research)




When sufficiently deformed, amorphous solids exhibit irreversible, or plastic, response and eventually fail. Although such behaviour is broadly common to all solids, amorphous solids, or glasses, display disordered microscopic structure, leading to significant differences in how these phenomena may be understood, and to distint statistical mechanical approaches to address them. After a brief overview of glass phenomenology, recent approaches to yielding of amorphous solids is described, with specific focus on the response to cyclic shear deformations. Results from computer simulations of model glasses, as well as theoretical modeling approaches and results will be discussed. In addition to a description of the sharp non-equilibrium transition that marks yielding, these investigations provide insights into the dynamics of failure beyond the yield point, relevant to the important phenomenon of fatigue failure.

Organized by

Laboratory for Theoretical and Computational Physics
Dr. Markus Müller

Host: Dr. Markus Müller