Porthos Workshop: Science opportunities at a fully coherent, femtosecond-synchronized, variable polarization, tender to hard x-ray XFEL

Hotel Blume, Baden

Hotel Blume, Baden

Christoph Bostedt (PSI - Paul Scherrer Institut)

SwissFEL is currently operating two undulator lines in parallel, the Athos line in the soft x-ray regime and the Aramis line in the hard x-ray regime. The SwissFEL design allows for one more undulator line, the Porthos line. 

Current developments in accelerator science and technology, undulators, and seeding concepts around the globe put fully coherent, x-ray free-electron lasers into reach. Electron beam manipulation with optical timing systems could enable femtosecond timing accuracy between optical and x-ray lasers. Advances in undulator technology allow for full polarization control.

During this workshop we will discuss science opportunities from a fully coherent, femtosecond synchronized, variable polarization, tender to hard x-ray free-electron laser line. The workshop will cover topics from the latest developments ranging from ultrafast laser sciences to quantum optics, amo and condensed matter physics to chemical, biological, and materials sciences. 

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