CAS Accelerator Seminars

The P-cubed experiment: PSI’s positron test facility for future colliders

by Nicolas Vallis (PSI/EPFL)


The PSI Positron Production experiment, also known as P3 or P-cubed, aims to test a positron source and capture system that can significantly improve the state-of-the-art positron yield. The experiment is currently under construction at SwissFEL and will serve as a positron source test facility for CERN's FCC-ee. P-cubed aims to address major challenges associated with producing, capturing, and reducing the emittance of high-current positron beams, which are a limiting factor for the feasibility of future colliders. Despite being based on a conventional pair-production-driven positron source, P-cubed will incorporate pioneering technology, such as high-temperature superconducting solenoids, which can outperform the present positron capture efficiency substantially. This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the P-cubed project, covering its concept, technology, infrastructure, physics, and diagnostics.

Contact: P. Craievich