4th PaN-Data & CRISP Harmonisation Meeting at XFEL/DESY

3.11 (3rd floor) (XFEL Building)

3.11 (3rd floor)

XFEL Building

European XFEL GmbH, Albert-Einstein-Ring 19, 22761 Hamburg
Welcome to the Harmonization meeting coming Wednesday, January 21 and 22 at XFEL/DESY in Hamburg.

This is the 4th meeting dealing with authentication / authorization issues at the photon / neutron large facilities, following the meetings at
ZRH airport (June 27, 2011, http://indico.psi.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=1039) and
DESY (December 8, 2011, https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=5061) and
ZRH airport (June 13, 2012, http://indico.psi.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=1752)

- for an agenda and a list of topics we want to cover at the meeting please refer to the

- special note: on Tuesday afternoon (13-16) we want to address specifically issues
  which need to be decided for the implementation of Umbrella scheduled for spring 2013.
  The facility representatives are kindly asked to identify the position of the respective
  facility so that we are able to arrive at common positions.
    1 Details of the implementation steps, roadmap
    2 What is contained
    3 Format and contents
    4 Who joins the first wave
    5 Implementation team
    6 Layout of central website
    7 Layout of facility websites referencing to Umbrella
    8 Responsibilities
    9 Problem-handling procedures
  10 Help / Info / Hotlining
  11 Development of a MoU to cover the operation of Umbrella after PaNdata and CRISP

 More details to these topics are prepared in the file 'XFELHarmImplDetailsb.doc' available
 under contributions.
Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting,
Mirjam, Bjoern, Heinz J, Krzysztof
  • Alistair Mills
  • Almudena Montiel Gonzalez
  • Antony Wilson
  • Bill Pulford
  • Björn Abt
  • Daniel Salvat
  • David López
  • Dean Flanders
  • Dietmar Herrendörfer
  • Dominique Porte
  • Frank Schluenzen
  • Giorgio Paolucci
  • Heinz Josef Weyer
  • Jan-Peter Kurz
  • Janusz Szuba
  • Jean-François Perrin
  • Johannes Schmidt
  • Jorge Elizondo
  • Juergen Starek
  • Julien Savoyet
  • Kilian Schwarz
  • Krzysztof Wrona
  • Leonardo Sala
  • Luis Maia
  • Martin Gasthuber
  • Michael Hagelstein
  • Mirjam van Daalen
  • Ornela De Giacomo
  • Stephan Egli
  • Steve Aplin
  • Thomas Gutberlet
  • Thorsten Kracht
  • Tom Griffin
  • Ulrike Lindemann
  • Wolfgang Mexner