6th PaN-Data & CRISP Harmonisation Meeting Dublin

Welcome to the Harmonization meeting Tuesday, March 25th at Trinity College Dublin.

This is the 6th meeting dealing with authentication / authorization issues at the photon / neutron large facilities, following the meetings at

The meeting will deal with the following important issues:

- date and time: as you remember, the meeting is scheduled for Tue, Mar 25,  
   13:00 -18:00+

  It will be sandwiched between the ICAT meeting (March 24 noon-Mar 25 noon,
  details https://code.google.com/p/icatproject/wiki/Ireland2014) and the RDA
  meeting (main part starting Mar 26, details  https://www.rd-alliance.org/rda-third-plenary-meeting.html).

- venue: the meeting will take place at Trinity college, the same venue where also
  the ICAT meeting will take place (see also below).
  Info about the location under:
  Entrance is though the Hamilton Building.

- registration:  there will be no formal registration for the Harmonisation meeting
  but for a minimal organisation if you register on this conference site.

- ICAT meeting: most of you will go to this meeting. It goes from Mon noon to
  Tue noon. Information available under:

- RDA meeting: most of you will go also to this meeting. There are especially two
  Interest groups of direct interest to us
  + PaNSIG (Photon and Neutron Science Interest Group)
  + FIMig (Federated Identity Management interest group)
  with first-part slots on Wed 26 at 13:30 and 15:30, respectively.
  More info under https://www.rd-alliance.org/rda-third-plenary-meeting.html

- Accommodation: the RDA organisers have made an arrangement for the meeting
   participants at the The Croke Park Hotel, Jones Road, Dublin 3 (For details
   please lookup https://www.rd-alliance.org/plenary3/accommodation.html).
   Note: if you are interested you may hurry up. The hotel is already nearly
   booked out.

- Agenda, topics to cover:
  • Umbrella address updater
  • Affiliation database
  • Umbrella issue handler
  • MoU and operational agreement
  • Applications linked to Umbrella (ICAT, Moonshot, ...)
  • ...
  These topics are quite similar to those covered at the last Umbrella meeting at the
  in Jan of this year. There, we had detailed discussions in a somewhat smaller
  circle and it is time now to discuss the outcome in plenary discussions and to
  come to conclusions.
  At the ESRF meeting it turned out to be extremely helpful that we had strong
  participation from our friends from the facility user offices. Hopefully, this will be
  the case also at the upcoming Dublin meeting, so that we can expect fruitful
  discussions  between IT experts and user-office practitioners.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting,
Mirjam, Bjoern, Heinz J
  • Alistair Mills
  • Antoni Perez
  • Bill Pulford
  • Björn Abt
  • Daniel Salvat
  • Daniela Unger
  • David Lopez
  • Dean Flanders
  • Dietmar Herrendörfer
  • Dominique Porte
  • Doris Ressmann
  • Frank Schluenzen
  • Frederic LePimpec
  • Heinz Josef Weyer
  • Inmaculada Ramos Lerate
  • Jean-François Perrin
  • Joanne McCarthy
  • Julien Savoyet
  • Krister Larsson
  • Laurence Field
  • Milan Prica
  • Mirjam van Daalen
  • Rudolf Dimper
  • Silvia Bertini
  • Stefan Paetow
  • Steve Fisher
  • Thorsten Kracht
  • Tom Griffin