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Paul Scherrer Institut

Paul Scherrer Institut

5232 Villigen PSI Switzerland
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  • Alexander Foehlisch
  • Angel Rodriguez Fernandez
  • Bill Francesco Pedrini
  • Bruce Patterson
  • Christian Erny
  • Christian Gutt
  • Christoph Peter Hauri
  • Gregor Knopp
  • Jason Biggs
  • Jean-Claude Dousse
  • Joanna Hoszowska
  • Julien Rehault
  • Kenji Tamasaku
  • Manuel Guizar Sicairos
  • Markus Müller
  • Marta Divall
  • Nina Rohringer
  • Pablo Villanueva Perez
  • Paul Beaud
  • Pavle Juranic
  • Richard Gaal
  • Sharon Shwartz
  • Steven Van Petegem
  • Sven Reiche
  • Urs Staub
  • Yunpei Deng
    • 1
      Workshop information: 19.05.2015 - Non-linear experiments with hard X-rays at SwissFEL
      Speaker: Bill Francesco Pedrini (Paul Scherrer Institut)
    • 2
      Overview SwissFEL hard X-ray experimental stations (ES-A, ES-B, ES-C)
      Speaker: Bill Francesco Pedrini (Paul Scherrer Institut)
    • 3
      SwissFEL operation modes (+ Discussion)
      Speaker: Sven Reiche (Paul Scherrer Institut)
    • 4
      X-ray nonlinear processes in solid Fe with hard X-ray free-electron laser pulses (+ Discussion)
      Nonlinear interaction of solid Fe with intense femtosecond hard x-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) pulses will be reported. The experiment was performed at the CXI end-station of the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) by means of high-resolution x-ray emission spectroscopy. Extreme fluences reaching ~10^5 photons/Å^2 allowed for x-ray nonlinear two-photon absorption. Double-K-hole formation via sequential two-photon absorption, and the direct two-photon absorption leading to single K-shell ionization was observed. The cross-sections for the nonlinear x-ray photon absorption processes were derived from the x-ray fluence dependence of the measured x-ray emission rates. I will present the obtained results as well as the different aspects of the experimental setup, the beam parameters and diagnostic in view of future needs.
      Speaker: Dr Joanna Hoszowska (University of Fribourg, Department of Physics)
    • 10:35 AM
      Coffee break
    • 5
      X-ray nonlinear absorption and emission processes (+ Discussion)
      I will present our recent results on nonlinear absorption and emission processes obtained at SACLA. As for the absorption, I will present two-photon absorption experiment and discuss requirements to perform X-ray two-photon absorption spectroscopy. In the emission process, I will show that the fluorescence decay channel is controllable with intense X-rays, and discuss the theoretical background. Finally, I will explain our requests for the XFEL beam to perform more advanced X-ray nonlinear experiments.
      Speaker: Dr Kenji Tamasaku (RIKEN SPring-8 Center)
    • 6
      Nonlinear X-Ray Wave-Mixing (+ Discussion)
      I will describe recently performed experiments demonstrating nonlinear x-ray wave-mixing including x-ray and visible wave mixing [1], x-ray second harmonic generation [2], and x-ray parametric down-conversion [3]. I will present theoretical studies of difference-frequency generation of optical radiation from two-color x-ray pulses [4], and x-ray-pulse characterization by spectral shearing interferometry [5]. I will discuss future directions of exploring nonlinear and quantum effects in the x-ray regime. For example, x-ray parametric down-conversion may be developed into a very powerful method to study fundamental effects in quantum optics. X-ray and visible mixing may lead to atomic scale resolution techniques to study chemical bonds. Nonlinear techniques are expected to be useful in the inspection of sub-femtosecond temporal pulses. [1] T. E. Glover et al., Nature 488, 603 (2012). [2] S. Shwartz et al. Phy. Rev. Lett. 112, 163901 (2014). [3] S. Shwartz et al. Phy. Rev. Lett. 109, 013602 (2012). [4] E. Shwartz and S. Shwartz, Opt. Exp. 23, 7471 (2015) [5] S. Yudovich and S. Shwartz, Phys. Rev. A 90, 033805 (2014).
      Speaker: Dr Sharon Shwartz (Bar Ilan University)
    • 12:35 PM
      Lunch break
    • 7
      Implications of Stimulated Resonant X-ray Scattering for Spectroscopy with X-Rays (+ Discussion)
      Speaker: Prof. Alexander Foehlisch (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)
    • 8
      Stimulated electronic x-ray Raman scattering and perspectives for nonlinear optical spectroscopy at XFELs (+ Discussion)
      Speaker: Dr Nina Rohringer (Max Planck Institute for the structure and dynamics of matter)
    • 3:15 PM
      Coffee break
    • 9
      Non-linear experiments with soft X-rays at the SwissFEL
    • 10
      Further discussions / Conclusions
    • 11
      Invited dinner for speakers Schloss Boettstein

      Schloss Boettstein

    • 12
      Workshop information: 20.05.2015 - Nanoscale Material Science at SwissFEL
      Speaker: Bill Francesco Pedrini (Paul Scherrer Institut)
    • 13
      Overview SwissFEL hard X-ray experimental stations (ES-A, ES-B, ES-C)
      Speaker: Bill Francesco Pedrini (Paul Scherrer Institut)
    • 14
      Participant contributions
    • 10:30 AM
      Coffe break
    • 15
      Participant contributions / Discussions
    • 12:30 PM
      Lunch break
    • 16
      Participant contributions / Discussions
    • 3:30 PM
      Coffee break
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