15 July 2015
Canada/Pacific timezone
A Data acquisition system now a days is expected to do more than just collect data, it has become an integrated process with various types of data source for monitoring, control, storage and analysis, as well as data visualization using modern techniques.

MIDAS stands for "Maximum Integration Data Acquisition System". It is interesting to think that this name was given 20 years ago when none of the interconnectability was available at today's level. 

So in order to keep MIDAS current with new technology and provide a better DAQ tool, we plan to discuss topics that would address integration in a larger format, the goal being to provide to the users a more robust and "simple" way of doing their work. We will also be working on improvements and the addition of new features.

The seminar will feature some presentations related to specific experiments managed by Triumf and other labs. Each talk will bring a different aspect of the DAQ that MIDAS had to deal with. This will potentially be a good starting point for further discussions.

The Web Broadcast starts at 12:00, while the seminar at 12:15.

All the talks will be available prior the seminar for download.


ISAC-II conference room
TRIUMF 4004 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver, BC V6T 2A3 Canada
WebEx video broadcast: https://goo.gl/beR4SR