Francesco Canonaco (Paul Scherrer Institute)
The focus of this workshop is mainly on the Source Finder (SoFi) as a source apportionment tool.
During the workshop the particpants will:
  1. learn the main features of the Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF) and the Multilinear Engine (ME-2)
  2. learn how to run PMF with ME-2 from SoFi
  3. learn how to import and analyze PMF results in SoFi
  4. learn several source apportionment strategies
  5. have the possibility to work on their own data (individual support provided)
  6. have the chance to present earlier PMF/ME-2 work, if desired
  7. have the chance to exchange ongoing work in form of small presentations, if desired
The first day (Monday, 11.04.16) is intended for PMF beginners only. The workshop starts officially on Tuesday, 12.04.16 and lasts until Thursday morning, 14.04.16. Thursday afternoon is dedicated to ACTRIS-related activites.
(detailed time table under "Agenda")
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