SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage 6th Symposium

Hotel VATEL, Rue Marconi 19, 1920 Martigny

Hotel VATEL, Rue Marconi 19, 1920 Martigny

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  SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage EPFL Vallis
The large volume of electricity production capacities from the fluctuating sources wind and solar, installed in recent years is the first step towards a CO2 and nuclear waste free energy future. Nevertheless, to transform this vision to reality, a strong focus needs to be set on storage for the sake of grid stability and independence.
In light of this context, we would like to invite you to

 The SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage 
6th Symposium

We proudly announce the confirmation of the following speakers:
Anne-Laure Couchepin (Ville of Martigny, CH), Prof. Dr. Andreas Züttel (EPFL, Sion, CH), Dr. Noris Gallandat (GRZ Technologies, CH), Prof. Dr. Peter Broekmann (Uni Bern, CH), PhD. Joep Huijsmans (Long Range Research & New Energy Technologies, Shell, NL), Dr. Olaf Conrad (JenaBatteries GmbH, D), Prof. Dr. Axel Fuerst (Berner Fachhochschule, CH), Dr. Pascal Häring (Renata, CH), Dipl. Ing. Klaus Borrmann (Jekusol, D), Dr. Luca Baldini (Empa, CH), Prof. Dr. Andreas Haselbacher (ETHZ, CH),  Gilles Verdan (GazNat, CH), Prof. Dr. Markus Friedl (HSR, CH).

The morning session covers the ambitious area of hydrogen storage in hydrides, and CO2 conversion, presented from the perspective of researchers, start-up's but also from well established players from industry exploring future business fields.

The afternoon is dedicated to heat storage, future battery manufacturing developments and demonstrators.
With a session on demonstrators installed by groups of the SCCER HaE ranging from heat storage in buildings (NEST), advanced adiabatic compressed air storage AACAES, power to gas, the small scale energy storage demonstrator Sion and the excursion to the Electromobilis demonstrator closes the loop to hydrogen.

The participation is free of charge, but the registration is mandatory till October 11, 2017. Poster presentations are very welcome; please submit your abstract here until October 3, 2017.

We hope you find the program attractive and would like to welcome you on October 25, 2017, at the Hotel Vatel for discussions, sharing viewpoints or simply updating your state of knowledge.

The SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage


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