25th Rhine-Knee Regional Meeting on X-ray Crystallography of Biomacromolecules

Campus Sursee

Campus Sursee

Leidenbergstrasse 6210 Sursee



The Rhine-Knee Regional Meeting on X-ray Crystallography of Biomacromolecules ("Regio Meeting") was initiated in 1987 by Profs. J.N. Jansonius, G.E. Schulz and D. Moras as an informal event to allow young scientists to discuss their research results in an international context. Although the informal character was maintained over the past 25 years, the Regio Meeting has evolved into a platform for presenting new macromolecular structures and innovative crystallography methods at a high level. The 25th Rhine-Knee Regio Meeting is organized by two groups at the Paul Scherrer Institut, Biomolecular Research (head Prof. G. Schertler) and Macromolecular Crystallography at the Swiss Light Source (head Dr. M. Wang). The meeting will take place between the 28th and 30th of September 2011 at Campus Sursee, Switzerland. Abstracts can be submitted on-line (after having registered) until the 13th of September and should emphasize techniques, methods and encountered problems. Two keynote lectures will be delivered by Drs. K. Diederichs (Universität Konstanz) and C. Schulze-Briese (Dectris Ltd.). The meeting is open to everybody but is limited to 80 participants and preference will be given to young scientists from the extended Rhine-Knee region.

Scientific organizers
Guido Capitani
Vincent Olieric

Charlotte Heer, Sonia Reber

  • Achim Stocker
  • Alastair McEwen
  • Alexandre Durand
  • Amit Sundriyal
  • Andrea Prota
  • Anja Basters
  • Annemarie Weber
  • Anselm Oberholzer
  • Armin Ruf
  • Arnaud GOEPFERT
  • Aurélie schaetzel
  • Baerbel Blaum
  • Bernhard Spingler
  • Cedric Hutter
  • Chitra Rajendran
  • Christian Stirnimann
  • Christin Bolze
  • Christine Betz
  • Christopher Browning
  • Clemens Schulze-Briese
  • Cristina Manatschal
  • Daniel Frey
  • David Sargent
  • Dominik Frei
  • Eric Ennifar
  • florence Pojer
  • Florian Brueckner
  • Florian Dworkowski
  • Franziska Pinker
  • Frédéric Stanger
  • Guanya Peng
  • Guenter Fritz
  • Guido Capitani
  • Heena Khatter
  • Jan Gebauer
  • Jean-Francois Menetret
  • jerome basquin
  • Joachim Schnabl
  • John Grimshaw
  • Julius Rabl
  • Justine Mailliot
  • Kaisa Kisko
  • Karin Betz
  • Kay Diederichs
  • Kerstin Reiss
  • Lada Sycheva
  • Lars Prade
  • Lional Rajappa
  • Luisa Ströh
  • Magdalena Schacherl
  • Manuel Hilbert
  • Mareike Kurz
  • Martin Schaerer
  • Meitian Wang
  • Michael Buch
  • Michael Koch
  • Michaela Renner-Schneck
  • Michelle Schaffer
  • Mirna Saliba
  • Misbha Ud Din Ahmad
  • Nicolas LEVY
  • Nikolaus Schmitz
  • Philippe Dumas
  • Puneet Juneja
  • Renato Baumgartner
  • Roger Benoit
  • Sandro Waltersperger
  • Santina Russo
  • Sasa Bjelic
  • Sascha Gutmann
  • Sergey Nazarov
  • Sergii Buth
  • Sonja Rakette
  • Stephane Thore
  • Stephanie Thebault
  • Swantje Zimmermann
  • Tatiana Latychevskaia
  • Thilo Stehle
  • Ulrich Baumann
  • Vernon Smith
  • Vincent Olieric
  • Volker Niemann
  • Walter Aeschimann
  • Wolfram Welte