SPS-XRPD Workshop

The Spring Synchrotron-XRPD workshop is jointly organized by the Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA and Excelsus Structural Solutions, a spin-off company of the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. Scope of the workshop is to bring together experts from Pharma Industry and Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction community to discuss both current challenges in Pharma Research & Development and latest opportunities offered by Synchrotron-XRPD instruments and methods with the purpose of openly debating open questions and foster fruitful exchanges of ideas. SPS-XRPD 2018 workshop is the first of a series of meetings that will be held twice a year aiming at regularly informing pharma industry on new advanced available analytical tools and methodology involving synchrotron radiation and related techniques to address problems that conventional laboratory instrumentation cannot address. The Fall Pharmaceutical Synchrotron X-Ray Powder Diffraction(FSF-XRPD-2018)workshop will be held in Switzerland in fall 2018. X-Ray Powder Diffraction using synchrotron radiation has an enormous potential for applications in Pharma Research & Development as well as Quality Control and the workshop aims at promoting awareness of such a powerful analytical tool by the pharmaceutical industrial community. Phase identification of complex compounds, stability, structural characterization, and accurate quantification of crystalline phases below 0.05 wt% in drug substances and products will be extensively discussed, also in connection with intellectual property issues. A special session will be entirely dedicated to the application of the emerging Pair Distribution Function method applied to the structural characterization and quantification of amorphous and nano-crystalline solid formulations, a field of increasing interest over the past few years. On May 6th afternoon, a complimentary "XRPD refreshers" session on X-Ray Powder Diffraction and advantages of using synchrotron radiation will be offered to industrial participants who might not be familiar with the technique so to make the 2-days workshop more fruitful. Furthermore, on May 7th evening, a special "meet-the-experts" session will be organized, during which potential industrial customers are given the opportunity to discuss specific problems of interest with synchrotron XRPD experts. You will be requested to reserve in advance your own spot. A CDA can be worked out before the workshop.
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