4-7 November 2019
PSI Auditorium
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Fuel Thermomechanical modelling with Falcon at PSI

5 Nov 2019, 16:50
WHGA/001 (PSI Auditorium)


PSI Auditorium

Forschungstrasse 11 5232 Villigen PSI Switzerland


Raoul Ngayam Happy (Paul Scherrer Institut)


The EPRI code FALCON MOD01 has been used at PSI for about two decades for both research purposes and safety analyses, and is still undergoing developments. Namely, its coupling to the advanced fission gas release and swelling module (GRSW-A) module allowed the developments of several methodologies such as void formation by high temperature restructuring and burst fission gas release in RIA conditions. Besides, PSI is co-developer of the newer version of the code Falcon V1. In this respect, the FALCON MOD01 developments can be transferred to the newer version. In addition, other aspects are directly treated such as H-uptake or implementation of behavioral models for several ATF concepts in order to assess their performance.

Primary authors

Cedric Cozzo (Paul Scherrer Institut) Mr Grigori Khvostov (Paul Scherrer Institut) Raoul Ngayam Happy (Paul Scherrer Institut)

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