18-23 October 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Wine Cellar

Swiss wine is one of Switzerland’s best-kept secrets, since it’s not widely known internationally as a wine-producing country.

Vineyards cover six grape-growing regions. Valais is the largest, growing 33 percent of the total, followed by Vaud (25 percent), German-speaking Switzerland (19 percent), Geneva (10 percent), Ticino (seven percent) and the Three Lakes region, which covers Neuchâtel, Morat and Biel/Bienne (five percent). 

The Valais has the driest climate of all the Swiss wine producing regions and enjoys the warm foehn wind, which accelerates the maturation of the grapes.

In Valais, a friendly get-together often takes place around a glass of wine. Take the chance to meet men and women who have a passion for wine and local diversity. Savour with your eyes and taste the subtlety of the aromas.