GFA Seminars

Measurement of Electron Pulse Length at 35 MeV Using a Terahertz Split Ring Resonator

by Mrs Xiaoyu Liu (PSI)

WBGB/019 (PSI)





The resolution of a streak camera system strongly depends on the slew rate of the deflecting element, which is the product of the amplitude and frequency of the device. Terahertz-driven devices radiated by intense rectified THz pulse are promising to reach femtosecond or even sub-femtosecond range. A beam experiment at the VELA facility at Daresbury laboratory was conducted in Feb, in which two structures were tested: one is a planar resonator derived from the geometry of a split ring resonator, the other a three-dimensional array of resonators with an aperture for the beam of 20um. The results obtained from this experiment will be mainly presented.