3rd Cross-Divisional Poster Event 2019 | GFA/PSD

WHGA/001 incl. foyer and heated tent outside (towards parking spaces) (Paul Scherrer Institut)

WHGA/001 incl. foyer and heated tent outside (towards parking spaces)

Paul Scherrer Institut

5232 Villigen PSI Switzerland
Andreas Menzel (Paul Scherrer Institut), Sven Reiche (Paul Scherrer Institut)

The Research Committee of PSI (PSI-FoKo) is organising a series of informal poster events in order to raise awareness of the different research activities at PSI and to foster scientific exchange and collaborations between PSI groups. 

On the 3rd occasion of these cross-divisional events, GFA and PSD will present posters on the subject of their research activities. This is a particularly important combination because the convergence of «conventional» optics and laser technologies with accelerator physics underpins the future of our large scale facilities SLS 2.0 and SwissFEL.

Scientists from all PSI divisions are very welcome to join the discussion of the latest research results, plans for SLS 2.0 and SwissFEL, and exchange ideas for CROSS proposals. 

Friday 8 November 2019

Auditorium WHGA/001 (follow the signs)


13 - 15 h Posters placed in position
15 h Poster session begins
16 h Apéro riche
18 h End





To help with planning, please register to confirm the title of your poster by latest Friday 4 October 2019.


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  • Adam Kubec
  • Alessandro Citterio
  • Atoosa Dejkameh
  • Beat Ronner
  • Benedikt Hermann
  • Bernard Riemann
  • Calzolaio Ciro
  • Cezary Sydlo
  • Davide Reggiani
  • Dmitry Karpov
  • Eduard Prat Costa
  • Jan Ravnik
  • Jörg Raabe
  • Jürgen Alex
  • Konstantins Jefimovs
  • Martin Paraliev
  • Massimo Camarda
  • Matthias Muntwiler
  • Mehdi Heydari
  • Michal Kepa
  • Panagiota Bougiatioti
  • Paolo Craievich
  • Philipp Dijkstal
  • Raffaello Sobbia
  • Ricarda Nebling
  • Roger Kalt
  • Roksolana Kozak
  • Romain Ganter
  • Samy Hocine
  • Sijia Xie
  • Sven Jollet
  • Sven Reiche
  • Sven Reiche
  • thomas huthwelker
  • Thomas Mortelmans
  • Thomas Rauber
  • Vincent Olieric
  • Xiaolong Wang
  • Zbynek Novotny
  • Zheqiao Geng
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