Heidelberg weekly meeting

03.410 (Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg)


Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg


For Vidyo please use room extension 10823320 or use this link.

    • 14:00 14:45
      Round Table 45m

      Reports of work progress

      Speakers: Adrian Herkert (Physikalisches Institut, Uni Heidelberg) , Alena Weber (Universität Heidelberg) , Andre Schoening (University Heidelberg, Institute of Physiscs) , Annie Meneses Gonzalez (PhD Student) , Benjamin Weinläder (PI Heidelberg) , David Maximilian Immig (Universität Heidelberg) , Frank Meier Aeschbacher (Universität Heidelberg) , Heiko Augustin (PI Uni Heidelberg) , Jan Hammerich (PI Heidelberg) , Lars Noehte (PI Heidelberg) , Luigi Vigani (University of Oxford) , Sebastian Dittmeier (Physikalisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg) , Thomas Theodor Rudzki (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg)

      Present: Jan, Heiko, Sebastian, Andre, Annie, Thomas, Frank, Luigi, David

      Minute-taker: David



      • submitted ATLASpix3 insert and ordered SMD parts (should both arrive next week, not all capacities available for 200V specification)
      • PCBs can be populated end of september/ begin of october
      • did a documentation on ATLASpix3 insert (link: https://www.physi.uni-heidelberg.de/Forschung/he/mu3e/wiki/index.php/ATLASPix3)
      • mechanical support for bonding and protection cap have to be designed and produced (dimensions in documentation)
      • ordered 20 insert and asked for over production
      • bill of materials and box of components with Jan
      • Diddie: readout chain prepared but has to be tested


      • working on slow control
      • prepares information for the reviewers
      • working with Annie and Lars (will comment themselves)


      • working with Heiko on pixel structure
      • nwell 50x50 um²: not fully depleted @ -60V at corners in 3D-simulation
      • Andre: agenda for next friday -> size of n-well/depletion/breakdown
      • 63x63 um n-well design is baseline, can be reduced if higher breakdown voltages would be considered


      • working on testbeam preparation: newly bonded irrad. MuPix7, and MuPix9
      • will test software for bugs with Jan


      • working with Adrian setting up water cooling test for FEB

      Heiko for Lars;

      • successfully bonded flexprint on support PCB and get it running at full speed
    • 14:45 14:55