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Park InnovAARE - Let's enterprise you!

Are you fascinated by the start-up world? Would you like to work in this environment, but can't imagine founding your own start-up? What would it mean to work for a start-up? Can they pay you a decent salary? What would be expected from you as an employee? And which start-up companies are actually located at Park InnovAARE? If you would like to get answers on those and even more questions, join us on Thursday Januay 23rd at 5pm, deliveryLAB Park Innovaare PSI West. 

There will be insights in the start-up world in Switzerland and you will be able to enjoy "pitches" of start-ups. Why should you start thinking about working for them? 

Before you will have the opportunity to talk to representatives of the start-ups, Benno and Francesco from Park Innovaare will share some insights about its set-up and future development. 

Represented start-ups will be: 

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