Operando VII

Sunstar Hotel (Grindelwald)

Sunstar Hotel


Dorfstrasse 168, 3818 Grindelwald Switzerland
Davide Ferri (Paul Scherrer Institut), Maarten Nachtegaal (Paul Scherrer Institut)

Welcome to the webpage of Operando VII - the 7th International Congress on Operando Spectroscopy.


A big thank you to all participants and sponsors for a fantastic Operando VII congress!!!

Now you can submit a manuscript to Catalysis Today for inclusion in the special issue on Operando VII

The main objective of this congress is to bring researchers together to discuss the progress of operando methodologies, i.e. characterization of functional materials in their working state. In operando studies, physicochemical methods probe the behavior of working materials while their performance is measured simultaneously. The operando approach is suited to elucidate catalyst structure-activity relationships at the molecular level.

Both academia and industry recognize the importance of this approach that is now a well-established research area in catalysis.

This event followed the congress series of 2003 (Lunteren, The Netherlands), 2006 (Toledo, Spain), 2009 (Rostock, Germany), 2012 (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA), 2015 (Deauville, France) and 2018 (Estepona, Spain).

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