Heidelberg weekly meeting

03.410 (Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg)


Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg


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      Round Table 45m

      Reports of work progress

      Speakers: Adrian Herkert (Physikalisches Institut, Uni Heidelberg), Alena Weber (Universität Heidelberg), Andre Schoening (University Heidelberg, Institute of Physiscs), Annie Meneses Gonzalez (PhD Student), Benjamin Weinläder (PI Heidelberg), David Maximilian Immig (Universität Heidelberg), Dohun Kim (Physikalisches Institut University of Heidelberg), Frank Meier Aeschbacher (Universität Heidelberg), Heiko Augustin (PI Uni Heidelberg), Lars Noehte (PI Heidelberg), Luigi Vigani (University of Oxford), Lukas Mandok (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg), Sebastian Dittmeier (Physikalisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg), Thomas Theodor Rudzki (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg)


      Minute-taker: Benjamin (we go through the year in alphabetical order, first name)



      Round Table

      ---- Andre:

      - worries delivery date of mupix10 will change, because of paiing TSI for producting masks

      - planing for the upcoming years, this year: demonstrator for every sub system, also test them in test beam

      - 2021 will year of mass production, problem: Helium cooling system, open issue with sify detector

      - Ivan had some ideas for the upcoming submittion of test-chips, all chips with same read-out, diffrent pixel sizes, small fill factor design, extended dE/dx measurement - planed date April/march

      - Jan commented: does same read-out mean same state machine and also same digital partner cell? Will it be MuPix or AtlasPix-like digital cell?


      ---- Heiko:


      ---- Sebastian:

      - not much news, new 3d model of the cooling board - missing some parts

      ---- David:

      - Changing code of analysis, in order to implement mupix10

      -prepaering a talk

      ---- Luigi

      - working on daq firmework, found a bug there and fixed it

      ---- Lars:

      - Schamatic of the hdi, designded footprints for some parts - problems with KiCat

      -module hdi - needs some input of the swiss pcb (psi can help, desgin review)

      - answer von LTU about the microscope picture - maybe because thy didnt adjust there mask for the shrinking in 2016/ for the 2018 version every was fine +-5  - they like to meet up

      -submittion of the hdi maybe in 2 weeks - next week first layout should be finished

      ----- Lukas:

      - voltage drop analysis, showed some plots of the voltage drop of the whole system

      - sense mode can used for next test beam

      ----- Annie:

      - prepearing simulation (2d) for lateral deplition

      ---- Benni:

      - updated Pixel layout accourding to disscused issues - feedback capacity is now in a range where its working

      - reached out to ivan to get more input/feedback

      ----- Alex:

      - schematic of the prob crad ~ 75% done

      - how many signal repeaters? to be answered by Heiko

      - should do a short review - first layout version next week - submission in 2-3 weeks

      - produce atleast 3 better 5 

      ----- Thomas

      - new plan for capton ageing study

      - epr can be done at psi to measure radicals put the samples need to stay in the aargon athmosphere until measurement

      - tooling for silicon heaters is similar as for the mupix, only the length need to be adjusted again

      - need more tools for quality controll for mupix10, pristol working on it



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