Heidelberg weekly meeting

03.410 (Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg)


Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg


We will have the meeting in HeiCONF: https://heiconf.uni-heidelberg.de/sch-nqu-dd2   Access Code: 858824

Vidyo will be used as a back-up. Room extension 10823320 or use this link.


Tentative minute taker list at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15oo_a_1WPxPBOtlH0LDEKG1128y1O2lfswpUAvPCQOY/edit#gid=0

    • 14:00 14:45
      Round Table 45m

      Reports of work progress

      Speakers: Adrian Herkert (Physikalisches Institut, Uni Heidelberg), Alena Weber (Universität Heidelberg), Andre Schoening (University Heidelberg, Institute of Physiscs), Annie Meneses Gonzalez (PhD Student), Benjamin Weinläder (PI Heidelberg), David Maximilian Immig (Universität Heidelberg), Dohun Kim (Physikalisches Institut University of Heidelberg), Frank Meier Aeschbacher (Universität Heidelberg), Heiko Augustin (PI Uni Heidelberg), Lars Noehte (PI Heidelberg), Luigi Vigani (University of Oxford), Lukas Mandok (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg), Marius Menzel, Sebastian Dittmeier (Physikalisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg), Sebastian Preuß (PI Uni Heidelberg), Thomas Theodor Rudzki (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg)

      Present: Heiko, Alex, Annie, David, Jan, Konstantin, Lukas, Dohun, Marius, Sebastian P., Sebastian D.

      Minute taker: Sebastian D.

      • Heiko:
        • TSI wafers will be shipped today
        • Insert order sent to workshop
        • Parts need to be checked that available
        • Chips will be in house in probably less than 2 weeks
        • Some wafers will be sent to OPTIM
      • David:
        • question about next PSI testbeam? how it will be used? there is no real preparation time foreseen for the PSI testbeam, also lacking manpower for 2 weeks of MP10 testbeam @ PSI; need more time in the lab for preparation (it took a long time to get MP10 stably running)
        • Heiko: we'll also need to see the outcome of this testbeam; if there is a clear plan what will be done
      • Alex:
        • Reply from SwissPCB: design is ok, can continue with the endpiece flexes, asks for a meeting; pinout is an open question
        • Order for new insert sent to workshop
      • Annie:
        • I was more of this week in labs again, but I got from Lennart the new module for improve the sorting of the data, with the new code the efficiency decrease, so I am working over the code to see if efficiency can be improved
      • David:
        • Can now take data, currently beam dev.
        • Hope to do all AP3 measurements, Saturday after lunch switch to MP10
        • Running at around 120 kHz. Higher rate not really helpful, has to cut out more statistics in the end
      • Lukas + Dohun:
        • as long as beam is stable (currently not), measurement plan can be more or less fulfilled
        • currently very low rates, but beam is not really stable
      • Jan:
        • since PCB is done, doing his work @ Liverpool
      • Konstantin:
        • no news
      • Marius:
        • part by part injection for threshold tuning
        • 1 run takes about 6 hours
      • Sebastian P.:
        • looked at power consumption of the SR90 irradiated sensor
    • 14:45 14:55