Heidelberg weekly meeting

03.410 (Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg)


Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg


We will have the meeting in HeiCONF: https://heiconf.uni-heidelberg.de/sch-nqu-dd2   Access Code: 858824

Vidyo will be used as a back-up. Room extension 10823320 or use this link.


Tentative minute taker list at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15oo_a_1WPxPBOtlH0LDEKG1128y1O2lfswpUAvPCQOY/edit#gid=0

Present: Andre, Luigi, Alex, Annie, Alena, Benjamin (Benny), David, Jan, Konstantin, Marius, Sebastian Preuss, Thomas.

Minute taker: Luigi.

Andre welcomes 2 new students, Alex (starting master thesis now) and 

Luigi presentation about latest development of winter module. Some issues on mechanical integration must be addressed next week.

Alena: working on threshold scans and tuning of Mupix10 in KIT.

Alex: finishing the PCB for the modules. Should be able to send it next week. No longer in PCB development. Next week master thesis on Run2020. Andre: long term idea is development of CMOS sensors in general (Mupix11 as well).

Annie: testbeam analysis ongoing. Andre: new interest on AtlasPix3 from KIT, UK and China. New simulations suggest capacity can come from metal layers. Annie calculated it, but Ivan says it is large(r). Cross check. If metal layers are affecting too much, they can be changed in next submission. Benny: depending on where they are connected, metal layers can increase input capacitance, which would lead to different conclusions.

Benny: taken Run2020 wafers from KIT. Bonding on Monday (maybe). Preparation ongoing.

David: picked from Run2020 9 sensors for each kind. PSI testbeam plans? Andre will speak with Frank tomorrow.

Jan: not much news. Will talk to Andre later.

Konstantin: not much news. Advanced practical course. Busy with producing patterns and configurations.

Marius: taking  noise distributions.

Sebastian: looked at band-gap (?) with Heiko, not conclusive results.

Thomas: working on powering Si-heater mockup. More work than expected. Mounted an half shell from broken ladders. Tried with thermal cameras. Seems to work. Need last flexes from LTU. Might take a while. Very unlikely before the testbeam.

Luigi: presented the update.

Andre: magnet will be cooled next week. No major surprises expected. If all goes OK, we will be able to measure particle momenta.


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    • 14:00 14:45
      Round Table 45m

      Reports of work progress

      Speakers: Adrian Herkert (Physikalisches Institut, Uni Heidelberg), Alena Weber (Universität Heidelberg), Andre Schoening (University Heidelberg, Institute of Physiscs), Annie Meneses Gonzalez (PhD Student), Benjamin Weinläder (PI Heidelberg), David Maximilian Immig (Universität Heidelberg), Dohun Kim (Physikalisches Institut University of Heidelberg), Frank Meier Aeschbacher (Universität Heidelberg), Heiko Augustin (PI Uni Heidelberg), Lars Noehte (PI Heidelberg), Luigi Vigani (University of Oxford), Lukas Mandok (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg), Marius Menzel, Sebastian Dittmeier (Physikalisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg), Sebastian Preuß (PI Uni Heidelberg), Thomas Theodor Rudzki (Physikalisches Institut Heidelberg)
    • 14:45 14:55