12-15 September 2017
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XNPIG Awards & Prizes

---The William H. F. Talbot Award---

XNPIG2017 is introducing the William H. F. Talbot award!

The William H. F. Talbot Award  is given to young scientists for exceptional contributions to the advancement of X-ray and Neutron Phase Contrast Imaging, through either their outstanding technical developments or applications, as evidenced by their presentation at the International Conference on X-ray and Neutron Phase Imaging with Gratings and supporting publications. 

Nominees are qualified if they have performed this work as part of their Ph.D. thesis during the two-year period prior to and including the conference. The topics should be appropriate to the themes of the conference, and the work must be available to the award committee as conference papers, publications, or preprints at the time of nomination.  Nominees must have submitted an abstract on their work requesting an oral presentation to the conference.  The abstract submission deadline of the conference is also the deadline for submission of nominations for the award.
Nominators should supply the nominee’s name, affiliation, CV, and contact information, and provide a short (maximum length of one page) description of the work performed by the nominee and an explanation of the importance of the work.  Please use the William H. F. Talbot Award nomination form and include copies of relevant publications or preprints. Supporting letters of recommendation are strongly encouraged. Joint nominations (nominating more than one person for the same work) are not allowed.
Submit nominations by using this form to the Award committee chairman, Prof. Dr. Marco Stampanoni, marco.stampanoni@psi.ch. Deadline for nominations is May 31st, 2017.

!!!!  Nomination submission is closed !!!

The Award Committee consists of senior scientists in the field with a broad geographical and scientific representation.

---The XNPIG BestPoster Prize---

XNPIG encourages recognition of the scientific merit of early career researchers. The winner of the poster competition will be awarded with the XNPIG BestPoster prize.