Jul 4 – 6, 2012
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Book of Abstracts downloadable from the Scientific Programme page!

Scientific Program

Book of Abstracts:
Book of Abstracts (10MB)
Book of Abstracts (2MB)

The presentations are organized in sessions focused on the different scientific fields where a combination of optical spectroscopies and X-ray methods are currently employed at synchrotron beamlines, namely:

- Biological / Pharmaceutical Research
- Catalysis
- Materials / Nanomaterials

The sessions will be focused on both on instrumentation and scientific applications. By holding single sessions the participants will be able to attend all sessions and hence inter-disciplinary discussions will be promoted. As the field is still new, the focus on instrumentation and inter-disciplinarity is expected to aid the quick adoption of instrumentation advances by the diverse scientific communities.

A poster presentation will be organized, with a dedicated discussion session.

Timetable: 4-6 July 2012

List of invited speakers:
• Andrew Beale (Utrecht University)
• Dominique Bourgeois (IBS Grenoble)
• Jacqueline M. Cole (University of Cambridge)
• Anatoly Frenkel (Yeshiva University New York)
• Augusto Marcelli (INFN Rome)
• Marco Milanesio (University of Alessandria)
• Mark Newton (ESRF, Grenoble)
• Allen Orville (NSLS)
• Arwen Pearson (University of Leeds)
• Wouter van Beek (SNBL at ESRF, Grenoble)
  • Biological / Pharmaceutical Research

  • Catalysis

  • Materials / Nanomaterials