Dec 14 – 15, 2021
Hybrid Meeting Paul Scherrer Institut
Europe/Zurich timezone

The eleven FuSuMaTech partners will gather for the council meeting at the Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland, lunch-to-lunch, from 14 to 15 December 2021. The meeting will be held as a hybrid meeting, which means that up to 50 persons are allowed to particpate in person in the auditorium and further persons may join via video conference.

Participating is by invitation only and all the FuSuMaTech partners will be pleased to count you amongst the participants.

If you think that some of your key contacts will benefit and contribute to the objectives of this workshop, please inform the FuSuMaTech council administratives:

Chairperson                      Ziad MELHEM

Coordinator                      Pierre VEDRINE


CEA                                      Anne-Isabelle ETIENVRE

CERN                                   Luca BOTTURA & Gijs DE RIJK

KIT                                       Klaus-Peter WEISS

CNRS                                   Charles SIMON

UKRI                                    Simon CANFER

Oxford Instrument           Matt MARTIN

SIGMAPHI                          Frederick FOREST

ELYTT                                  Angel GARCIA

BILFINGER                          Michael GEHRING

PSI                                       Stephane SANFILIPPO

TESLA                                  Ben LEIGH






Hybrid Meeting Paul Scherrer Institut
Paul Scherrer Institut or Video Conference
Registration for this event is currently open.