Nov 29 – 30, 2022
PSI Villigen
Europe/Zurich timezone

About the workshop and the lecturer

About the workshop

Starting a career in industry: Matching market needs and self-presentation
The move from an academic environment to industry is a challenge. A successful applicant knows that it takes more than convincing application documents to leave competitors behind. Awareness about the current labor market, a cautious evaluation and matching of existing and requested skills are as crucial as a thorough idea of the added value offered to a company. These thoughts are not only important to make a match between job profile and self-image in the documents but also for the interview process. The workshop will cover:

□ General aspects of the labor market and impacts on the application strategy
□ Convincing application documents and industry expectations
□ Job interview training including methods to answer difficult questions
□ Strategic process planning and contractual obligations

□ Participants link profiles and labor market: realizing differences in expectations
□ Participants learn how to apply successfully: the documents, the interviews, the follow-ups
□ Participants train self-marketing: knowledge and tools for job interviews
□ Participants review hiring terms: arriving in a company setting

Course methods:
□ Theoretical inputs to the various topics
□ Group, pair, individual exercises, and role games
□ Feedbacks and training collegial consultancy

Preparation work:
□ Hand-in an up-to-date Curriculum vitae and cover letter
□ Bring the application documents to the training
□ Overnight task preparing answer to given questions and finding a target job (appr. 2 hours)

About the lecturer

Dr. Monika Clausen is the founder and CEO of Dr. Monika Clausen und Netzwerkpartner in Zurich. Dr. Clausen has been lecturing career planning workshops within our PSI-FELLOW program since 2013. Among many other services, the lecturer is providing coaching on mangerial and leadership questions as well as counceling and coaching in application processes.
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