CAS Accelerator Seminars

Probing the losses for a high power beam in view of the IMPACT project

by Malek HAJ TAHAR (PSI)




The High Intensity Proton Accelerator (HIPA) cyclotron at PSI delivers up to 1.42 MW beam which is transferred towards two target stations (TgM and TgE) for surface muon production before depositing its remaining power at the spallation target SINQ for neutron production.

The goal of the IMPACT (Isotope and Muon Production using Advanced Cyclotron and Target technologies) project is the construction of two new target stations and beamlines at HIPA to increase the available muon rates (High Intensity Muon Beamline (HIMB)) and to create radioisotopes suitable for advanced cancer treatments in the required quantities for clinical studies (TATTOOS).

As part of the HIMB project, the first of these targets, TgM, will be replaced with a thicker one (TgH) thereby increasing the rate of produced surface muons by two orders of magnitude.

In this talk, we review the benchmarking work done in order to improve our understanding of the losses in the existing 120 m beamline and discuss several approaches to probe the losses for the high power beam. 

To conclude, we assess the implications of replacing the TgM with TgH from the viewpoint of the primary proton beam.