Jul 2 – 6, 2012
ETH Zurich and PSI
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Program

The workshop will have plenary sessions with invited and contributed papers presented orally, as well as a poster session. A conference dinner and an excursion to PSI will be organized around the workshop. Below you find a coarse classification of the workshop topics, this will be refined with the abstract subjects submitted.

NEW: Schedule (28. June 2012)

Book of abstracts (28. June 2012)

Invited speakers

P.A. Pianetta
X-Ray spectroscopy on nano- materials
SLAC Stanford
M. Despont
M(N)EM Switch Technologies for RF and Logic Applications
IBM Rüschlikon
Ch. McNeill
Characterising nanostructured polymer devices with soft x-rays
Monash University
T. Jung
Electronic and Spin States in Metal-Organic Supramolecular Materials at Surfaces: Spectro Microscopy Correlation Experiments
Paul Scherrer Institut
O. Hellwig
Nano-technology and Nano-spectroscopy for magnetic recording media
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, San Jose Research Center
L. Nasi
Transmission electron microscopy study of nanostructured semiconductors
Inst. for Materials in Electronics and Magnetism
V. Sandoghdar
Optical sensing and spectroscopy down to the single-molecule level
Max-Plack Inst. for the Physics of Light, Erlangen
A. Schirmeisen
Understanding friction on the nanoscale
University Giessen
H. Shigekawa
Imaging of transient carrier dynamics by nanoscale pump-probe microscopy
University Tsukuba
J. Verbeeck
Electron microscopy on magnetic nanostructures
University Antwerp
J. Wiebe
Tailoring ground states and dynamics of bottom-up engineered nanomagnets
University Hamburg
F. Donati
Giant Anisotropies of single Co atoms on graphene/Pt(111)


  • Nano-Tools

    • Electrons
    • Visible light
    • X-Rays
    • Scanning Probe
    • Fabrication

  • Nano-Materials

    • Semiconductors
    • Molecules
    • Polymers and organic electronics
    • Magnetism
    • Nano-dots