GFA Accelerator Seminars

An introduction to ISIS Neutron & Muon Source and the design of our first Spin Rotator

by Jon Cawley

WBGB/019 (Paul Scherrer Institut)


Paul Scherrer Institut


ISIS Neutron & Muon Source based in Oxfordshire, England is undergoing a project called ‘Endeavour’ which involves the design of 4 new instruments & 5 significant upgrades. One of the upgrades is a muon instrument called Super-MuSR. As part of the project, 2 Spin Rotators are required that operate at 200kV. In the talk I will explain the background to ISIS, Endeavour & design of the Super MuSR Spin Rotator based on the PSI design that I am responsible for.


For details, contact Davide Reggiani