GFA Accelerator Seminars

BNCT and Proton Therapy Systems of Sumitomo Heavy Industries

by Hiroshi Tsutsui (Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.)

WBGB/019 (Paul Scherrer Institut)


Paul Scherrer Institut


Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) has been providing accelerator systems for research, industrial, and medical applications since the 1970s. Among them, we will introduce our BNCT system and the proton therapy system.

SHI’s BNCT system includes a 30MeV 1mA H- cyclotron, a beryllium target, and a CaF2 moderator. About 200 patients have been treated after the medical device approval in 2020.

We have developed a 230MeV 1uA superconducting AVF cyclotron for proton therapy. Some features of the cyclotron will be discussed.

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