GFA Accelerator Seminars

Bulk HTS Undulator, history, recent progress, and future

by Toshiteru Kii (Kyoto University, Kyoto)




Superconductors are one of the key materials to overcome the performance limit of permanent magnet undulators. I originated the idea of a new type of undulator based on the antimagnetic properties of bulk superconductors in 2004 and started the research.

In 2006, I presented this idea at the FEL International Conference, and have continued the development of this technology since then, performing a proof-of-principle test at 77 K, developing a prototype that can operate in the 10 K range, and demonstrating a hybrid type and so.

In the seminar, I will introduce the characteristics and properties of bulk superconductors related to the conception of the new type of undulator, as well as the history of development, recent results, and future prospects.

Contact: Thomas Schmidt (4592)