April 17, 2024
Europe/Zurich timezone
40th Swiss Electrochemistry Symposium

Paul Scherrer Institut  

Electrochemical cells for energy storage and conversion often contain critical raw materials (CRMs), such as cobalt in lithium-ion batteries, or iridium in polymer electrolyte water electrolyzers. The use of CRMs needs to be reduced in future device generations, and their re-use promoted, aiming at a circular economy in these energy technologies.

This year's Swiss Electrochemistry Symposium will be held again in Aarau, Switzerland. We look forward to welcoming you to the 40th Swiss Electrochemistry Symposium on April 17, 2024, for inspiring discussions, a fruitful exchange of ideas and a stimulating get-together.  
Electrochemistry Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institut

For enquiries, please contact us via email at electrochem@psi.ch.  

Image: SEM image of an anode catalyst layer for a polymer electrolyte water electrolyzer cell (catalyst brown and ionomer blue)