APAL's ultimate objective was to develop comprehensive guidance for assessing the integrity of reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) through both deterministic and probabilistic methodologies. This guidance aimed to incorporate improved methodologies and recommendations for the assessment of long-term operation (LTO) enhancements. The project delved into advanced methods for both deterministic and probabilistic assessments, which are detailed within the project's scope.

In this workshop, experts closely involved with APAL will present an overview of the four years project's progress. The final seminar will offer a concise summary of the advanced deterministic and probabilistic integrity analyses of RPVs under pressurized thermal shock (PTS) loading. Emphasis will be placed on the insights gained throughout the project, encapsulating valuable lessons learned.

The culmination of the seminar represents an opportunity to review the outcomes achieved through the advanced PTS analysis conducted by professionals. These insights serve as a crucial resource for various stakeholders in the nuclear power industry, including plant owners, suppliers, regulatory bodies, and other relevant parties.



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