June 13, 2012
Radisson Blue ZH Airport
Europe/Zurich timezone
Welcome to the Harmonization meeting coming Wednesday, June 13 at the Radisson Blu hotel at ZRH airport.
This is the third meeting dealing with authentication / authorization issues at the photon / neutron large facilities, following the meetings at
ZRH airport (June 27, 2011, http://indico.psi.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=1039) and
DESY (December 8, 2011, https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=5061).
Because of the limited time available, the meeting will focus on few specific topics on Umbrella as basis for IT services at these facilities and as prototype for solutions for other research communities:
The first part will in the morning will deal with status and expectations of the facilities represented at the meeting while the second part will address specifically  topics 
1.      the further steps on the way to the implementation of Umbrella,
1.a.             technical issues,
1.b.            management and operational/administration issues.
2.      the architecture documents to delivered for CRISP/WP16 and PaNdata/WP3, discussion of the draft and further steps.
Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting,
Mirjam, Bjoern, Heinz J
Radisson Blue ZH Airport