OSGA/E06 (Paul Scherrer Institute)


Paul Scherrer Institute

The workshop will be performed in the building of the “Strahlenschutzschule”, OSGA, room E06, at the Paul Scherrer Institute in 5232 Villigen, Switzerland.
Goedele Sibbens (JRC-IRMM), Maria Dorothea Schumann (Paul Scherrer Institut)
CHANDA – workshop on target preparation – the needs and the possibilities


In the frame of the EC-funded integrated project CHANDA, the importance of nuclear target preparation for the accurateness and reliability of experimental nuclear data is addressed in a dedicated work package (WP3). The global goal of WP3 is the development of a network for nuclear target preparation and characterization, enabling to coordinate the target production corresponding to the experimental requirements.
The workshop is one of the deliverables within WP3 and is aimed to bring together isotope producers, target manufacturer and users for discussions about the needs and the possibilities of target preparation.
Although CHANDA is a program mainly focused on energy research, also synergies with other nuclear data applications have to be identified and integrated for establishing a competent and highly efficient network.
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