May 18 – 21, 2011
Hotel Central - Residence & Spa, Leysin, Switzerland
Europe/Zurich timezone

Dear invited Participant

From May 19th-21st, 2011, the study group “Frontiers of Quantum Theory“ of the Junge Akademie ( will organize the workshop “Quantum effects on ultrashort time scales“ in the Leysin resort in the alps (Switzerland, about 60 km from Lausanne and about 100 km from Genève).

This is the third workshop in a series on related topics, namely “Frontiers of Quantum Theory: Randomness and Reality” (2008 in Berlin) and “Quantum coherence and entanglement on macroscopic scales” (2010 on Tenerife).

The format of the workshop will be kept similar to the previous ones: On three days, there will be 12 talks of experts in the fields. In between, time will be reserved for discussions and networking. The workshop will on purpose be kept small with the 12 invited speakers, interested members of the Junge Akademie and a few selected outstanding young researchers in the field. We expect a maximum of about 25 participants.

Finally, to bridge the gap between the ultra-fast physics / chemistry community and the high energy physics community, we plan to visit the CERN in Genève, to obtain first hand information about the recent Large Hadron Collider experiments and discuss with physicists that work at these energy and time scales.

Best regards

Melanie Schnell and Mathias Kläui
(on behalf of the study group “Frontiers of Quantum Theory” of Die Junge Akademie)

Hotel Central - Residence & Spa, Leysin, Switzerland